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Application of Chen Fa¡¯Ke¡¯s & Wang Ziying¡¯s Tai Ji Quan(Ò») PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007
Application of Chen Fa’Ke’s & Wang Ziying’s Tai Ji Quan(Ò»)
    The technique of "Chan Fa" (method in twisting) in Chen Fa'ke style Tai Ji Quan could be seen clearly in some of its movements whatever. In doing "Liu (six) Feng (to block) Si (four) Bi (to close)", you should emphasize practicing twisting technique in different circumstances with any or all processes of your defense-attack or attack-defense. Apply the twisting technique of your body as well as your hands, arms and legs. Practicing these movements, you would train your agile reaction and huge speed. You will know well how to apply twisting technique to exert your forces correctly attacking your opponent in various actual situations. As for its last attacking movement named "Feng Bi" (completely closing), if you could apply it to the point, it is very fierce and getting able to hurt the opponent badly. When Chen Fa'ke taught me these movements, he practiced in a very powerful and vigorous way scaring me heavily then.
    Nowadays many people have practiced these movements in performing forms for the purpose to have them healthy. It is another kind of practicing, but it should not be regarded as Kung-fu practicing method passed down by Chen Fa'ke.
    In Actual fighting, when my opponent is attacking my chest with his left fist, I will turn my waist leftward slightly and twist his left wrist with my left hand while my right hand grasp the back of his left elbow. I will keep turning my waist leftward and pull his left arm out with my left hand moving downward, outward and upward. Meanwhile, I will grind his elbow downward and forward with my right hand, which makes his left rib totally expose to me. Then I attack his left ribs horizontally with my right hand in the front and, left hand covering my right wrist.


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