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Yang Style Tai Ji Quan Xiao Jia Zi passed down in Hang Zhou PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007

Yang Style Tai Ji Quan Xiao Jia Zi passed down in Hang Zhou
    Xiao Jia Zi (small style) of Yang's Tai Ji Quan is the Quan Jia (movements) often exercised by my deceased ancestors, Yang Banhou and Yang Jianhou. That has got great characteristics in attacking the rival heavily and fiercely in a flash hurting him hard once the hitting is reaching him even injured. There are totally sixty-four movements in this Quan Jia. It gets Kai He (opening and closing) so light and agile with the Bu Fa (stepping) sturdy, swift, flexible and gentle. "Quans (circles)" are concealed inside the acting movements seeming to be nothing but resembling there is something. Get spreading first and then keeping tense, instantaneously walking and seizing. The whole Quan Jia in one manifests the syncretism of Jing(vigor), Qi(interior strength and breathing) and Shen(spirit) with every movement absolutely practical.
    In the years of 90's of last century, I had a fortune to know Mr. Xie Zhaonan, one of the directors of Wushan Tai Ji Quan academy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He had been teaching me the traditional Yang Style Eighty-Five-Movements Tai Ji Quan (Da Jia Zi, meaning big movements) first. Mr. Xie said it was a great pity that the traditional Xiao Jia (small movements) of deceased ancestor Yang Banhou's had been lost, which was absolutely unadulterated traditional Tai Ji Kung-fu. Afterwards Mr. Xie also passed the Xiao Jia (small movements) down to me, and now I would like to share some information about this style of boxing with our Kung-fu lovers.
    There are forty-six movements in Tai Ji Xiao Jia Zi (small movements) divided into three sections.
    The first section:
    1, Tai Ji Qi Shi (beginning movement): first relax your cerebra, keep your eyes open with a clearly concentrated mind, gather your vigor in Dan Tian (your lower belly), then Wei Lv Zheng Zhong Ding Tou Xuan (have your head and coccyx both middlemost). Keep your upper body still, move the center of your gravity onto your fight foot, betride your left foot to the left for a half step as wide as your shoulder's width, then put the back center of your gravity on your feet. Slightly lift your arms up by your consciousness, control your chest, loose your shoulders, then stretch out your arms naturally. 2, Lan Que Wei (Peng, Lv, Ji, An, Que Wei Sheng). 3, Dan Bian (Xie Zou Dan Bian Xiong Tang Zhan). 4, Ti Shou Shang Shi (Hui Shen Ti Shou Ba Zhu Feng). 5, Bai He Liang Chi(Hai Di Lao Yue Liang Chi Biang). 6, Zuo Lou Xi Ao Bu. 7, Shou Hui Pi Pa. 8, Shang Bu Ban Lan Chui. 9, Ru Fang Si Bi. 10, bao hu gui shan shi zi shou.
    The second section:
    11, Qian Hou Xie Lou XiAo Bu. 12, Zhou Di Kan Chui (Dan Yin Zhang). 13, Dao Nian Hou,. 14, Xie Fei Shi (Shuang Yin Zhang ). 15, Hai Di Zhen. 16, Shan Tong Bei. 17, Yun Shou. 18, Gao Tan Ma Zuo You Fen Jiao. 20, Zuo You Zheng Lou Xi Ao Bu. 21, Jin Bu Zai Chui. 22, Zhuan Shen Pie She Chui. 23, Xie Bu Ban Lan Chui. 24, Pi Shen You Deng Jiao. 25, Tui Bu Zuo You Da Hu (Shuang Yin Zhang ). 26, Zuo Pan Shuang Qi Jiao. 27, Shuang Feng Guan Er. 28, Yu Huan Bu Yuan Yang Jiao. 29, Shou Hui Pi Pa. 30, Shang Bu Ban Lan Chui. 31, Ru Feng Si Bi. 32, Bao Hu Gui Shan Shi Zi Shou.
    The third section:
    33, Ye Ma Fen Bin (Shuang Yin Zhang, Jiao Cha Zhang, Shuang Fen Zhang ). 34, Shuang Yu Chuan Suo (Shuang Yin Zhang, Jiao Cha Zhang, Shuang Fen Zhang ). 35, Zuo You Jin Ji Du Li. 36, Chuan Zhang Shi Zi Tui. 37, Lou Xi Ztfi Dang Chui. 38, Fu Qi Xia. 39, Shang Bu Qi Xing. 40, Tui Bu Kua Hu. 41, Chuan Zhang Shuang Bai Lian. 42, Wan Gong Xie Hu. 43, Lian Huan Gao Tan Ma. 44, Jin Bu Lan Que Wei. 45, Dan Bian. 46, Shi Zi Shou He Tai Ji.



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