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Xin Yi Liu He Quan¡¯s Nei Gong Practicing Method PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007

Xin Yi Liu He Quan’s Nei Gong Practicing Method
     Xin Yi (minding and intending) Liu He (six harmonies) Quan (boxing), also referred to as Xin Yi Quan in the Kung-fu circle, was in vogue in Shanxi province more than one thousand years ago, and had been passed down with definite references for about 300 years. Its nature could be characterized as being both ancient and of primitive simplicity. Being ancient refers to the long history of its development while primitive simplicity lies in the simple and pragmatic method the Chinese ancient people applied. What they had done showed an original understanding in martial arts. According to the analysis on the techniques of the Quan, the practicing methods passed down could vividly reflect the way how people thought in the past and to what extent they knew about nature. Judging from a modern eye on the various living environments several hundreds years ago, use know more the method in practicing the Quan and the way in preserving human health were rather primitive, natural and simple. Apart from these, the influence of Chinese Taoism also permeated through other practicing methods, such as the separate and step-by-step practicing method, which stresses reposing the mind, calming the body and nourishing vigor, in order to get over exhaustion and maintain physical strength after the intense exercise, and Nei Gong Practicing Method (internal skills of energy cultivation) that aims at building a strong body. We will introduce later what the writer of this article has been practicing for ages as well.
      One of the Nei Gong Practicing Methods originated from Shanxi Province is Mo-Mo-Jin (rubbing-and-stroking movement). Its practicing method is based on the theory of Chinese traditional medicine talking about the circulation of vital energy. When appropriate body movements coordinate with inner breathing and conscious breathing coordinates with vibrating movements in the abdomen deliberately, metabolism would be enhanced, inner vigor would be nourished and breath would grow stronger.
     The practicing of Xin Yi Liu He Quan is usually be started with the posture like a standing monkey (or squating monkey). It requires serious and timely Nei Gong practicing. The beginning of the Squating Monkey Posture as a most important step is to hold the breath down to your Dan Tian (an acupoint in your navel) while keep mind on guard around it. To begin with, you must inhale through the abdomen to your Dan Tian and exhale through the lung at will. Meanwhile in your imagination, you must carry your breathing to the second supervisory artery named Ren and Du. When the new mixed breathing comes out from the second supervisory artery, you Should circulate it to your Dan Tia again. Then your body and limbs can move in spiral circle. When it comes to an end of section or a phase of fierce attack, the circulation of his breathing would be led by your will coming to arouse strength, forming a series of coordinated fighting movements at a stretch. Hence, the Nei Gong Practicing Method plays an important role in cumulating strength in practicing Xin Yi Liu He Quan. When it is supposed to be used for regime, you can skip the intense steps in cumulating strength, and turn to exercise breathing and will at a much slower pace. This is the traditional regime descended from our forefathers more than a thousand years ago. It is quite beneficial to one's health indeed due to the slow movements coordinated with Jing Luo (or channels and collaterals) Movements.
    In this section, the Nei Gong practicing method of Xin Yi Liu He Quan is referred to as Mo-Mo-Jin. This is because the abdomen movements, vibrating movements and the movements in holding one's breathing down to his Dan Tian sharing some resemblance between "rub" and "stroke", hence it gets the name.



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