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The true Tai Ji Quan Kung-fu could be applied both in a very slow way as well as in a flash PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007

The true Tai Ji Quan Kung-fu could be applied both in a very slow way as well as in a flash
    Due to his advocacy of Chinese traditional Kung-fu from childhood, Master Jiang Jiajun hoped to practice the martial arts, but the reason why his studied it is surely different from those at the age, idleness, and desire to keep fit for longevity. He regards Tai Ji Quan as a means to exercise Chinese traditional Kung-fu in order to master it thoroughly. For the need to master skills of both attacks and defenses, and ways of Fa Jin, certainly he should often practice how to focus on and send out all his strength.
     The speed of Jiang Jiajun's fist fighting is swirl in a flash. Besides, he focuses his own strength on expelling it with an overall match through wrapping movements, namely Chan Si Jin. It is indeed erudite for Chan Si Jin training, and how to get the skill deserves a careful study, that is, one should wrap his opponent with strength being sent out to the right person. Generally, the ones who have seen Jiang's fist would distinguish it from other "great masters" owing to different learning methods and motives. Master Jiang is poles apart from many other people running Tai Ji Quan business nowadays.
Jiang Jiajun has his own understanding of how to send out the fist, the palm and strength in practicing Tai Ji Quan (shadow boxing):
Fa Jin (expelling the strength) in playing Tai Ji Quan is practiced by stance keeping. Through long-term training, one gradually produces the soft but not looses his strength which is generally known as Nei Jin (interior strength). In Chen Style Tai Ji Quan, it is called Chan Si Jin (silk-reeling strength), whereas it is Chou Si Jin (silk-drawing strength) by name in Yang Style. No matter which name it has, the way to practice it is exercises of Song Yuan (flexible joints and circular wraps) step by step.
     Fa Jing of the Quan is more rapid than exceptionally powerful, without trace at all. Master Chen Xin said, "a hand is stretched out, turning into a immediately adhering to others." Master Hong Junsheng said, "Fa Jin flashes like lightning, as sudden as a thunderbolt."
     Tai Ji Quan, practiced by martial arts masters, has the same process of sending out fists and palms with Fa Jin same, as other Chinese boxing. Moreover, it's not just the exercises of so-called serial shadow boxing stunts, since they don't practice martial arts skills, Many people performing Tai Ji Quan cannot understand that the Quan, as one style of Chinese traditional Kung-fu, is basically of no difference from other schools. Their only comprehension of the Quan is to emphasize movements of Ban (stepping forward), Lan (blocking), Chui (fist), etc., and to misunderstand that one with less strength is able to hit the other who is more energetic. Actually such kind of people are treating it a game rather than martial arts. In fighting, you lacked the strength while your opponent is strong and skilful, how could you win ? I have met with such many ones that simply performed the Quan instead of using it. The performance reflects a kind of vigorous art of human body as calisthenics, differentiating from that as martial arts in essence. Therefore, it also demonstrates that the sport of Quan for fitness is no the real Tai Ji Quan.
    As a matter of fact, the senior Tai Ji masters have mentioned in compendiums of Quan that “Xu Jin (storing the strength) is like drawing a bow, Fa Jin like shooting an arrow.” In recent times, the elder masters have experienced the point. Master Hong Junsheng’s words that “Fa Jin flashes like lightning, as sudden as a thunderbolt” will surely illustrate that the real Tai Ji Quan contains all the contents Chinese traditional Kung-fu should have.



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