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Master Zhang Yulin performs the movement in taking up the opponent¡¯s position & making him lose the PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007
Master Zhang Yulin performs the movement in taking up the opponent’s position & making him lose the center of his gravity
    The Xing Yi Quan Circle attaches importance to exercises in generating, focusing and sending out force with the whole body. Every Xing Yi Quan practitioner gains much experience of such exercises for the sake of hitting the opponent with power in his own most proper method.
    Master Zhang Yulin's Kung-fu experience is brilliant in his simple but direct way to strike his opponent.
    In his opinion, there are four steps.
     l. The position. It means making a physical connection with the opponent. Moving into the opponent's position with a strike is the point.
     2.The angle. It refers to the angle formed in the hand-to-hand combat when both sides are exerting their forces. The opponent is easy to be thrown away if you are standing at a right angle, or else. The angle reflects a kind of skill as well as the mechanical theory.
     3.The actual situation. Knowing the real situation of the opponent who can't make head or tail of the fighter is of ability. The fighter enables to seize the good opportunity in taking the opponent down due to such ability.
4. The unity of inside and outside strength. Because the practitioner should possess considerable power, he needs to have the basic conditions, which are the unity of inside and outside strength.
     The fundamental theories above are far beyond a real skill. In fact, only practice, mainly two-person combats, can help one to master the skills.


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