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Friday, 08 June 2007

Jiu Bu Tui Quan-You Xiong
    Jiu Bu Tui in Pak Mei. Quan is Tao Lu set sets of Quan movements) Jlan Guoxlong often performs.
    He concludes that it is mainly based on practicing tough force. One can still practice it in soft and gentle ways though he is old. This Tao Lu stresses the coordination between exhalation and puff, floating and sinking. It requires chains of rapid and dense attacks against one's opponent and, he is required to unload and dispel softly the force from his opponent when he is defending himself. In a word, people at different ages or in different physiques can have different ways to practice and express this kind of Kung-fu. One should not deviate from the principals in the shape of waist, gait, manipulation and degree. Those rules have been passed down by the founder of the school. This Tao Lu is a Quan movement in Pak Mei Ouan which dwells attack in defense.
(Note: You Xiong: being violent and ferocious.)



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