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Fa jing, the goal of all Kung-fu practicer PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007
Fa jing, the goal of all Kung-fu practicer
     The various Kung- theories, knacks and proverbs passed down in different schools of boxing, as well as those Kung-fu theories, applying skills, words talking about Kung-fu and descriptions inherited verbally from the elder Kung-fu masters, are of very rich contents. For example, in the way how to send force and the final practical usage of the skills, the called Ning Jin (twist force) and Zuan Jin (drill force) in Xin Yi Quan (minding and intending boxing) are similar to the called Ning Heng required in Xing Yi Quan (forming and intending boxing), the called Ning Jing(twist force) in Shao Lin Quan and the called Chan Si Zuan Jing (entangled drill force) in Tai Ji Quan (shadow boxing). Only minor differences exist between them which can be considered as individual difference.
     In fact, between different schools of Chinese traditional Kung-fu training, forms and methods in Kung-fu exercising are almost the same or similar to each other but only differ in their names, the sayings or the illustrations of them, are due to the literal and lingual difference in various districts representing the fully melt of different region cultures and humanities cultures. We found that there are many closely used skills in various Kung-fu exercising practiced by the masters of Xin Yi Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Shao Lin Quan and Tai Ji Quan.


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