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Chinese kung-fu Spreads over All the World & All Kung-fu Is Rooted in China PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 08 June 2007

Chinese kung-fu Spreads over All the World & All Kung-fu Is Rooted in China
    The phrase of Shao Lin Kung-fu shots to a fame in the world during the 1980s because of the wide spread of acrobatic fighting films and TV plays showing something happened in Shao Lin Temple, a Buddhist temple. Therefore, the most of Chinese might be proud of others' understanding of China abroad through Shao Lin Kung-fu. However, Shao Lin Kung-fu has been afterwards a new program of the economic development in mainland China within the recent twenty years, providing a different comprehension from that understood by the previous practitioners.
    People with a little historic knowledge would know that Chinese Kung-fu means Chinese traditional martial arts and boxing. Created by the ancestors of Chinese nation, traditional martial arts rose in the Central Part of China reaching the Yellow River then, long before Buddhist circulating into China.
    The earliest popularization of Buddhist in the area of Xinjiang in China began in the first year of AC, much later while it is spread over Central China. The educated could not misread that Chinese Kung-fu was brought along by the earliest missionaries of Buddhist, still less emerged in Buddhist temples built in China after the popularization.
     In the past, Buddhist believers were the kindhearted persons among the ordinary people. They conducted themselves benevolent without taking animals' life even as food.
     Some people learning martial arts had indeed joint Shao Lin Temple as monks with Kung-fu historically due to social struggle then. It was an accident for the martial arts being handed down more than demonstrations of the very place where Chinese Kung-fu was produced.
     Chinese Kung-fu is resulted from Chinese people's struggle against nature, society and wars in the process of thousands of years, so it is valuable cultural heritage created, imparted, developed and owned by Chinese people but impossible to be possessed by a certain organization or an interest group.



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