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Wing ChunĄ¯s Liu Dian Ban Pole (Praise SpringĄ¯s six-and ¨Ca-Half Pole) PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Wing Chun’s Liu Dian Ban Pole (Praise Spring’s six-and –a-Half Pole)
   Liu Dian Ban Pole (Six-and-a-Haft Pole) is considered being an important member of Yong Chun's appliance family. The management would not be imparted to others but the followers of the school under the tradition, especially in the ancient time. Therefore, the dissemination is relatively strict and conservative.
     The process of disseminating Liu Dian Ban Pole means succession, learning and comprehension as well. Because of the successors' different characters, backgrounds and physical capabilities, their managements of the Pole are distinctive from one another. As a result, there are varied understandings and performances of the same Wing Chun's Liu Dian Ban Pole nowadays. Generally speaking, most of the players maintain the principal theory basis in the main aspect of cultural succession, while different players will perform respectively according to their own understandings and practices.
     Hereinafter we will introduce several masters' different and various understandings and performances of Yong Chun's Liu Dian Ban Pole. Different characteristics of the schools will be displayed vividly for all of us.



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