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Wednesday, 06 June 2007
Shao Lin Luo Han Quan
    1. The trunk should be straight up, legs closed, level the head an relax the shoulders, with Qi concentrated around the abdomen. Binding the fingers, sticking the palms along the thighs, having your eyes gazing at the front horizontally.
    2. Moving your left foot half a pace sideways to the left and stretching the legs, making your two feet paralleled as wide as the distance between your own shoulders. At the same time making your hands being fists and placing them round the waists with the palms upwards. Shifting the head leftwards, having your eyes look at the same direction levelly.
   I. Dun Zhuang(Making Yourself Squatting as a Peg) Wo Xin(Being Confined in Your Hear) Quan(Fisting)
    1. Your left foot steps half a pace towards the left and you shift the body to the same side to 900, lift and bend the right foot. Turn your right fist into a palm, make curves to the left, to the front and the right, and then put it back around your waist, while again change your palm into a fist. All at once, turn the left fist to a palm and strike in a curve from the left to the front, with the palm facing upward, the fingers leaning forward at a position a bit higher than your shoulder, let your eyes look at the left palm .
     2. Land your fight foot and practice "Zhen Jiao" (stamping one of your feet) at the interior side of the other foot. Tying your legs together, bending the knees to make a half squat, punching the fight fist forward, make your palm facing upward and the right arm bent, rest the left palm on your forearm, make your left palm upward, eyes gazing at the front
     Points: The curves-making of the fight palm, the striking of the left palm and the lifting of the right foot must be made at the same time. The practitioner must also complete "Zhen Jiao" and the punching of the fight fist instantaneously. Pay attention if the movements are coherent and the force is intact. Keep your trunk uptight without bending your body or extruding your buttock.
     Points: "Zhen Jiao" can also be called "Qian Jin Zhui" (dumping a thousand jin, i.e. five kilo). Practicing this, your step should be with all your force and stamping on the ground with the whole sole. Never set the foot down only with the front sole or the heel so as to avoid any injury.
   II Gun Shou (Rolling Your Hands) Qie Zhang (Making Your Palms Cutting)
     1. Jump up and switch your body 90o towards the fight in the air, with your legs bending .
     2. Make your left foot moving out fast and kicking to the left, turning the outer side of the foot leftward and forcing it with your right knee bending, then raising your left foot as high as you could, you turn your left palm downward, and strike it along the right forearm, make your fingers leaning forward with force reaching the outer edge of the palm. At the same time, pull your fight fist back to the waist, the palm upward with the thumb facing the front and eyes gazing at the other palm.
     3. When your right foot touches the ground, you practice "Zhen Jiao" and bend your right leg afterward to a squat; land your left foot, stretch your left leg being a Zuo Pu Bu (Left Snapping Step). Lower your left palm a little as the fight fist staying round the waist. Let your eyes look at the left.
 Points: Strike your left palm as the foot makes a kick up in the air. After the fight foot practices "Zhen Jiao", lower your center of gravity, fully crouch down the fight leg and stretch the left one to a Zuo Pu Bu (Left Snapping Step). This movement must be clean and neat.
   III Hou Liao Zhang (Cutting Back the Palm)
     Uplifting the trunk a little, bend the fight leg to half a squat and spread out the left leg to form a fight "Gong Bu" (Arrow Stance). Changing the fight fist to a palm, draw it various curves from the waist to the below, the left, the above and the left. Strike the palm facing the front, extend your fingers upward as high as the nose with the force reaching the outer edge of the palm. Meanwhile, hold your left palm into a fist around the waist. Let your eyes go along with the fight palm, looking at the front horizontally
     Points: Ease your shoulder in order to make it nimble. Take up the arm and with the shoulder joint as the centre, strike the palm rightward.
IV You Jin Zhou (Right Forwarding Elbow)
     1. Shift your body weight to the left leg and make a halfway squat, stretch the fight leg to a left "arrow stance". Turn the left fist into a palm, to draw curves from the waist to the below, the right, the above and the left, and stop at the left side of the trunk. Place your palm facing downward and your fingers facing the left. At the same time, move your fight palm drawing curves from the fight toward the below and the left, setting the palm facing upward, fingers leftward. Put the palm in front of the left shoulder. Let your eyes gaze at the left.
     2. Quickly move your body weight to the fight and the make your fight leg squat halfway and forcefully, extend the left one to construct a right "arrow stance". Meanwhile, let your right elbow hit toward the right effectively, on the same plane with the shoulder. Right at the moment, transform your fight palm to a fist and then lay it on the chest facing below and press the thumb against the body. Retrieve the left palm from the left to the below, opposite to the stomach, let your palm face above, make your fingers toward the fight, let your eyes gaze at the fight elbow.
     Points: Shift your gravity center to the left while drawing curves. Rapidly move the weight to the fight, and forcefully stretch your left leg to thrust the fight elbow.
   V Tiao Bu Pi Xin Quan (Jumping Steps and Ripping Heart Fisting
    1. Swing your right foot leftward with the left one pressing the ground to bounce up. Change your fight fist into a palm to draw various curves from the fight to the below, the left, the above and the fight, keeping the arm straight. Let your left arm stay unbent and draws curves with the palm from the below to the left, the above and the fight, and hold your elbow ahead to the front of your right shoulder. Let your eyes follow the movement of the fight palm looking to the fight horizontally.
    2. While keep going with the previous movements, make your right foot step left with your knee bent to a full squat. The left foot walks to the left, straightened and laid down to a Zuo Pu Bu. Turn your fight palm into a fist and draw it to the waist. With the palm heart facing the fight, fingers stretching upward, put the left palm on the right shoulder, let your eyes look at the left
    3. Following the previous movements, make your left palm cut up from the right shoulder to the front and the left, and toward the straight arm across the upper of the left foot. Shift your body weight to the left, bend the left leg to squat halfway, flatten the fight one with force and turn 90o to the left to make an arrow stance. Push the fight fist forward from the waist, with your palm facing downward, the fist eye facing leftward as high as the shoulder. Make' your left palm soon turn into a fist and retrieve to the waist, the palm facing upward, and the fist eye facing the left. Let your eyes look at the right fist
    Points: Remember to make a long jump in flight. After the left palm cuts down, unbend the fight leg and twist your waist to make a turn. Thrust the right fist, with the force reaches the surface of the fist. The whole movement must be coordinated and complete.
VI. Bei Hou Da (Backing Hitting)
    1. Make your body lower and turn 90o to the right, bending the left leg to a full squat, meanwhile straightening the right leg to a You Pu Bu. Transform your right fist to a palm facing leftward, the fingers upward, and then lean the palm close to the left shoulder, with the left fist round the waist, and let your eyes watch the right.
     2. Move your right palm from the left shoulder across above the right foot, and make a cut with a straightened arm to the right and the back. Meanwhile, make a 180o turn to the right, make the legs crossing with the right leg at the front, put your left leg at the back to make a full squat to form a You Xie Bu (Right Resting Step). Thrust your left fist forward from the waist, with the palm facing downward, the fist eye rightward as high as your shoulder. Make our fight palm turn into a fist and retrieve in front of the stomach with the palm facing upward, the fist eye forward, let your eyes look at the front.                              


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