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Wednesday, 06 June 2007
Nan Quan
    I. Movements
    Section I
    l. Yu Bei Zi Shi  2. Bing Bu Bao Quan   3. Bao Quan Zhen Jiao  4. Zuo Gong Bu Chong Quan 5. Zuo Gong Bu Chong Quan 6. Gao Xu Bu Bian Quan 7. Qi Long Bu Chong Qaun 8. Zuo Gong Bu Chong Quan   9. Zuo Gong Bu Jie Qiao  10.Zuo Gong Bu Quan Qiao Biao Zhang 11 .Ma Bu Shuang Qie Zhang  12 .Ma Bu Zuo You Tiao Zhang  13 .Ma Bu Shuang Tui Dan Zhi 14 .Ma Bu Shuang Zhi 15 .Ma Bu Shuang Biao Zhang Chen Qiao 16 .You Gong Bu Jia Qiao 17. Qi Long Bu Ya Zhou  18 .Kai Bu Shuang Hu Zhua 19 .Qi Long Bu Tui Zhang 20. Teng Kong Zhuan Ti Li He Tui 21 .Die Pu Jian Shao Che Duang Jiao  22 .Li Yu Da Ting 23 .Xu Bu He Zui Shou    24 .Du Li Bu Shuang Hu Zhua   25 .Zuo Gong Bu Shuang Hu Zhua 26 .Zhuan Shen Bian Quan Cha Zhang   27 .Qian Deng Tui Chong Quan  28 .Gui Bu Gai Quan
29 .Qi Long Bu Zhuang Quan   30 .Ma Bu Pi Qiao
    Section II
    31. Zhuang Shen Gua Gai Quan 32. Heng Ding Tui You Gong Bu Chong Quan 33.Le Shou Heng Cai Tui Shuang Tui Zhang 34. Dan Die Bu Pai Di 35. You Gong Bu Die Zhang 36.Qi Lin Bu Zuo Gong Bu Die Zhang 37 .You Gong Bu Jia Chong Quan 38 .Zuo Gong Bu You Pao Quan 39 .You Gong Bu Zuo Pao Quan  40 .Shang Bu Gua Gai Zhang  41 .Cha Bu Bian Quan  42 .Zhuan Shen Gua Gai Quan  43 .Tuo Bu Pao Zhuang Quan  44 .Ma Bu Cheng Zhang  45 .Gua Gai Shao You Gong Bu Zhuang Quan 46 .Xie Bu Xia Chong Quan 47 .Ma Bu Shuang Gua Quan 48 .Gui Bu Shuang Hu Zhua
    Section III
    49 .Dan Pai Jiao Ban Ma Bu Chong Quan 50 .Dan Die Bu Ya Zhou 51 .Cha Bu Chong Quan 52 .Shang Bu Chong Quan Zhuan Shen Gua Gai Quan 53 .Ma Bu Ce Chong Quan 54 .Zhuan Shen Gua Gai You Gong Bu Gun Qiao  55 .You Gong Bu Shuang Tui Dan Zhi 56 .Shang Bu Gua Gai Quan  57 .Tuo Bu Pao Zhuang Quan 58 .Tuo Bu Chong Quan  59 .Cha Bu Bian Quan Zhuan Shen Gua Gai Quan  60. You Gong Bu Jia Zhang  61 .Zhuan Shen Gua Gai Tui Bu Chong Quan  62 .Zuo Gong Bu Shuang Tui Zhang  63 .Xu Bu Tui Zhang Chong Quan  64 .Bing Bu Bao Quan  65 .Shou Shi
    Section 1.
    1. Preparative Pose -One should stand facing the right side of the front with feet closed to each other. Hands are lowered naturally by the thighs. Eyes should be kept watching forward.
     Key---- Keep concentration and breath; Tighten the muscles of the abdomen, stem and thighs.
   2. Fists Pose
   1. Keep the arms straight, raise the hands frontward from the thighs to the height of the chest. (The distance of the hands equals to that of the shoulders. And the palms are facing the ground.), Watch forward.
   2. Hold the hands into fists; bend the elbows of the arms, place the fists in front of the chest, facing each other; watch forward.
   3. Move the fists upwthe The orifice made by the fists will face upward); watch leftward to the front.
     Key----- Hold the fists slowly, tighten up the chest's muscles and expand the shoulders, tighten the arms with strength in order to present the powerful characteristic. When the fists are going down, muscles of arms could be loosened. Eyes should watch the left side of the front at the same time when the fists are formed.
   3. Stamp
   Bend the legs slightly, jump up; stamp feet at the process of landing; Watch leftward to the front.
   Key----Tie the legs together; Land yourself with the whole feet on the ground, tighen up the abdomen and buttocks.
  4. Punch Fists and Bow Steps
   1. Move arms naturally, step out the left leg to the right side of the front in order to form a bow-like pose (Knees may be bent a little.); unfold the left fist and place it in front of the abdomen with the right fist; cross the fight fist and the left palm which is closer to the body (Eyes should focus on the fight fist).
   2. Step out the right foot to the left side of the front; attach feet to the ground, bend the knees slightly. At the same time, the fight fist is raised to the fight side horizontally (The orifice made by the fist should face upward.). And the left palm rises to the left side horizontally (The palm should face downward.). Eyes should fix on the fight fist.
   Step out the left foot leftward to the front (The tiptoe should face the left. Legs should be bent down to form the stance of Half-horse-tiding.). Meanwhile the fight elbow should be bent and the right fist should brandish to the front of the chest (The orifice made by the fist should face upward.). And the left palm is raised upward to the right front side of the chest (fingers should face upward. Palm is opposite to the fight fist.). One should watch leftward at the time.
3. Bend the left leg slightly, keep the fight leg straight in order to form the stance of left-bow. Meanwhile one should punch forward with the right fist (the orifice should face upward.). Players should protect the inner part of the arm by placing the left palm in front of the fight side of the chest (the palm should face rightward with the fingers facing upward). He should watch frontward and yell "hi" loudly to strengthen the manner.
     Key-----When players step out the feet, knees should be bent slightly. The stance must be stable and the movement must be in a large scale while the movement of the arms should be relatively small. Eyes should move following the right fist and then turn to the left side after the Half-horse-tiding stance is formed. In case that one is playing the "Punch Fists and Bow Steps", power should be started from the fight heel, through the waist and to the fight fist.
    5. Punch Fists and Bow Steps
     1. Draw back the center of the gravity; bend the right leg to form the stance of Half-horse-tiding; brandish the left palm frontward from the top of the right arm (Fingers face the inside while the palm should face downward to the front.); withdraw the fight fist beside the waist (The orifice made by the fist should face downward.), watch the left palm.
     2. Move forward the center of the gravity, stand on the right tiptoe in a sudden, tighten the knees, turn the legs around and straighten the right one to form the stance of bow. Meanwhile, punch forward with the right fist (The orifice made by the fist should face upward.); bend the left bow to cover the inner side of the fight arm with the left palm (The palm should face rightward.), watch forwards.
     Key-----At the transitional point when the Bow Stance is formed again after the movement that changing the Bow Stance into the Half-horse-riding Stance, waist should be bent a little leftward which is helpful for players to start force with the punching fist.


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