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Wednesday, 06 June 2007
E-Mei Yu Nv Quan
Yu Nv Quan (Jade Virgin Boxing) is said to be created by a Taoist nun. Her viewpoint is that "since a man is strong by nature, a woman would not fight and conquer him by force merely. While being weak in body, she should fight mainly with skill", stressing that fighting should be happened while shifting stance and changing positions dexterously. She must not fight directly with Jia (Withstanding), Ge (Putting up), Zhe (Obstructing) and Lan (Blocking), but should insist on conquering her opponent before his one of his movements completed. This is a totally different boxing training theory. She simplified the complicated fighting between a man and a woman to a short principle. The female fighter should prejudge the position shifting by her opponent rather than focus on how he uses his hands or feet, and make her own corresponding position shifting in advance. This theory expresses the meaning that "all methods sum up to one method, inversely one method turns out to be all methods". The opponent's attack will be in vain in case you are fight away from where he is intending to hit. The basis leading the aforementioned movements is that "your position as well as your body will have to be the main target that your opponent is going to catch and attack"; "no matter which movement he uses, you are the final target". His direct or indirect attack certainly aims where you are. Therefore, if you move away a little bit in advance, his attack will surely go by the board. Furthermore, a so-called "Shan" (Dodging and Attacking) skill can be used. This skill is to "counterattack where your opponent's attack comes from when his action or fisting is missed and yours is being solid making any movement taken by him turning out to be useless". When attack happens, he has to move forward for a valid attack and be entering into a valid defense range of yours at the same time. If only you may get out of your original position and hit him where he is, at least neither you nor him could hit each other. Ding (topping) skill can also be used here, which "starts hitting the opponent in his midway while his movement couldn't be repealed." You should conquer him before your opponent completes the position shifting required by his attacking. In this way, no matter what movement the opponent uses, he will be beaten back in certain. This is the distillate of Yu Nv Quan as the most commonly applied principle and theory in practice.
(Yu Nv’s self-defense)
   The content includes the theory, Rules of Xin Jie (self-understanding), a Secret of offense plus defense Cross, techniques including Ten-foot and Eight-hand positive as well as negative applications, the Methods of Sword, Spear, Pole, Hairpin (Yu Niu thorn), Anlian Kung-fu and Soft flapping skill as well as seventy-two external forms and Kaoshen (pressing close to each other) skill.
  The aforementioned contents are the self-defense of the disciples who have cultivated Kung-fu themselves according to the infinitely merciful gods. The system aims for better cultivating, keeping strong and self-defense rather than surpassing others or winning a fighting. It should be used at the final moment as to self-effacing firstly and observing secondly in principle. Facing crisis and difficulty, you could do what you should do, and once you are doing your resistance, you have to seek winning the attack and sweeping away all the obstacles. It is not fit for you, any female person, to attack others on your initiative at the first stage. This initiative will be failed indeed since it has been against the original thought of the Yu Nv's self-defense.
    Origin of the Name Yu Nv Quan (Jade Virgin Boxing)
    The Record regarding Yu Nv Quan said that the founder, former being a Taoist nun, became a Buddhist later. She was good at fighting but not satisfying with existing miscellaneous Quan styles at that time, she had been creating a brand new one especially for women's self defense based on other styles' thoughts featuring of unique untouched fight. Relying on gods' supernatural power, she succeeded thirteen years later then obtained the successful result at last. Her disciples learning Kung-fu from her called it Yu Nv Quan. Some Peers honored it as E-Mei Quan. Afterwards some of her disciples went to E-Mei Mountain and combined the two names together as E-Mei Yu Nv Quan. This is the original process of its name.
   The founder stood aloof from the worldly affairs. She thought it could be used for entertainment or self-defense but not for any self-fame or namesake. Thus three commandments were set for all disciples:
     1. Never mention the name of the master.
     2. Never raise a competition with or fight others.
     3. Never show this Quan to the public.
     It is very clear that the former masters' names would last in vain forever without being mentioned by the latter masters. Practicing the Quan hided from other views, you will be safe through life.
    As the founder considered it has not been a revelation but humbled herself not to be called master, how dare the offspring disciples to call themselves masters. Thousand years passed, there was only one master being the founder and no one would have ventured to violate the great aspirations of merciful gods. The characteristic of a weaker frame determines that a woman cannot fight recklessly with her rigidity as a man. Instead, she should "fight if pable, otherwise run away" and defeat her opponent with the hit-and-run strategy in mobile warfare. "Never trench warfare but mobile one and to win cleverly". This doctrine is perfectly embodied in the fighting techniques of Yu Nv Quan (Jade Virgin Fisting) as follows:
     1.To put forward strength when in motion. In other types of boxing, one often positions his body still with a helping hand and foot or a tread on the footstep together with a twisted waist and forwarded hips when putting forward his strengths giving a "full strength of the body", while Yu Nv Quan puts these two kinds of force together combining the momentum resulting from the moving body suddenly coming to stop, to send out powerful force and energy and bring the human force to the utmost and the extreme. By the way, though a woman's energy and her strength as a whole may be much weaker than her male opponent, she still can gain an overwhelming advantage in part and in a split second.
    2.To defeat an opponent in motion. A female fighter should never stay in a certain position when fighting with an opponent. According to the basic idea of Yu Nv Quan, the position where her body stays will be the opponent's main target. Only by changing the position constantly, can one effectively dodge her opponent's attack and hit him at the same time. For example, one runs away from the position being attacked to foil in the opponent's attempt and strike the middle part of the body to intercept the coming attack. When striking the opponent, one can suddenly change her position halfway so her the opponent is not easy or nearly impossible to get a chance to strike back. And regardless of whether the opponent is hit or not, she should keep herself an arm' s length from the opponent in event that he may not follow her up and make her any effective attack in time and in the meantime she may leave herself enough room to change the position adequately.
    3. to attack the vital and vulnerable parts of the pponent's body. Yu Nv Quan puts its target mainly on an opponent' s eyes, as the eyes are the most vulnerable part of the body and even a weakest woman can hit them by using all of her force. Another reason is that not liking arms and feet having a 3600 scope of operation, the eyes are much more steady in quick attack. When attacked, the opponent can never turn his eyes to the afterbrain. All of that makes the eyes a vital part being more steady and easier to hit. So in the attack and defense process of Yu Nv Quan, the hands mostly aim at the eyes, whether her hitting is true or false.
    4. To relieve the besieged by besieging the other base of the besiegers ("Wei Wei Jiu Zhao"). In terms of self-defense, Yu Nv Quan boxer often uses the tactic of "Wei Wei Jiu Zhao" to relieve herself of danger, rather than fights or resists recklessly and confronts her opponent with force. For example, when the opponent strikes a fist in the stomach, one can stick her fingers out at his eyes to foil his attempt. If he sticks at his attack, his eyes will be jabbed. Otherwise he has to dodge the jab, and then his attack can never reach her body when both of them are at an arm's length. Furthermore, a finger extended always goes further than a fist clenched does. And when the opponent grabs her by the throat, she can use the same tactic to relieve herself of danger. It is always undesirable for a woman weaker than her male opponent to fight recklessly with rigidity.
    5. To gain mastery by striking only after her opponent attacking. According to Yu Nv Quan, the best moment to take an opponent down is when he is preparing for offense or already begin but not yet finish his attack, because at this time the opponent is in motion with a forming and irreversible trend. If one makes attack on him when he is half way in offense, he will have little chance to escape. Therefore, based on the theories of Yu Nv Quan, even if the opponent is not to attack, one should induce him to do this so that she can take advantage of the coming trend and defeat him when he is half way in offense. In the theory of Yu Nv Quan, the dodging technique of getting away from where being attacked while hitting back where the opponent's attack coming, and the fighting technique of hitting on the time of the front three-tenth of attacking movement both giving expression to this rule. By the means, one can "wait at her ease for an exhausted opponent" and "fight in a defensive way" to achieve the best result by using the least force. This is a desirable rule of fighting for a woman weaker than a man.


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