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Monday, 04 June 2007
Yahu Wing Chun Quan in Guangzhou
    Wing Chun Quan, come down in Renhe, Shichitang in Nancun of Longgui Town, Baitang and some other places in Guangzhou nowadays, were spread over Yahu in Renhe by Yi Jin originally. Yi Jin with his byname "Zheng Dan (an actor but formally playing a woman continuously on Chinese old drama stage of Beijing opera) Jin" had his ancestral home near by the seaside of Yahu in Renhe. He was born within the period from the end of Qing Dynasty to the era of the Republic of China. Being one of the successors and members of Hong Chuan (red boat) in Foshan, he learned some martial arts and returned to his native place accepting prentices such as Cao Shunhe and some others.
Wing Chun Quan and weapons going around nowadays in Renhe, Shichitang in Longgui Town, Baitang, and some other places are as follows.
   1. Shao Lin Tou (It has been pronounced so in local accent. It should be named Xiao Nian Tou (small idea) originally. The contents of Xiao Nian Tou, Xun Qiao (finding bridge) and Biao Zhi (fingers pointing to a target) in Wing Chun Quan best- known in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places nowadays have constituted a full set of the Quan. It is said that the teachers of Zhing Dan Jin were three brothers in Kung-fu practicing. One of them taught disciples the Quan in Huiyang and Shantou, another, in Renhe in Yubei(the Renhe area today) and the third was unknown to the public. The methods of practicing the Quan mainly with one's hands were separated into Duan Shou (short bridge) form and the Chang Qiao (long bridge). The one has spread over Renhe was Chang Qiao as well. Unlike the Wing Chun Quan played by the practitioners in Guangzhou and Foshan, the Quan practiced by the people in Yayuan Village has been likely more simple and unsophisticated. It is a kind of Quan systems maintaining the original styles and features.
    2. Shao Lin Tou is the primary Quan method. Other methods including Nian Shou (sticking one's hand on the other), Lu Lu (rolling), Sui Da (fighting casually), Bei Di Zhi (the North King's pointing), and so on.


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