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Monday, 04 June 2007
Schools of Wing Chun Quan in Guangdong Province
    It is difficult nowadays to know and study exactly that when and where Wing Chun Quan came into being. We are only sure that Wing Chun Quan has been developed in Guangdong indeed. Wing Chun Quan spread over Hong Kong and abroad in recent years had been primarily taught and promoted by Mr. Ye Wen. In fact, we can objectively say that Wing Chun Quan spread by Ye Wen only belongs to one of the schools in the Quan's developing process. The school of Ye Wen has been really developed as the best all over the world. In Guangdong Province, other schools of Wing Chun Quan have been also developed naturally in their proceeding processes. We will introduce the general situation and the contents of Wing Chun Quan in succession in our Magazine.
    In this issue, we introduce Wing Chun Quan told and performed by several masters including Xie Guozheng, Liang Manzhi, Liang Weicai, Cao Guorong and Hou Dexian. What they ate indicating and talking about have been all reflected several important styles and features of Wing Chun Quan played and performed by those promoters in Hong Chuan(Red Boat) Drama Club in the past. They were Huang Huabao, Liang Erdi, Lu Jin(with his byname Da Hua Mian Jin that means big tangled face Jin) and some others plus a number of present disciples of Feng Shaoqing, Huo Baoquan as well as the disciples in Liang Zan’s hometown. What should be emphasized is that we can realize the diversification and developments of the marked individualities of Wing Chun Quan disciples after the Hong Chuan Drama Club era, from the Wing Chun Quan performed by the masters introduced hereinbefore.


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