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How to Get ¡°Kai He ¡° in Playing Tai Ji Quan PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 04 June 2007
How to Get “Kai He “ in Playing Tai Ji Quan
    Hao Zhenduo said that what Wu’s TaiJi studies is the method in moving one’s body but not the movements . As regards Kai (opening) and He (closing) in practicing Tai Ji, we would say it is not something regarding our hands but bodies.
    The remark issued by an expert: Kai and He should be an important form of Wu's Tai Ji Quan as well as Sun's being the more (Sun Lutang was one of the prentices of He Weizhen). Wang Qihe's Tai Ji also emphasizes Kai and He. The two are the important contents and points thought much of by the various schools of Ta Ji Quan mentioned above. How to Kai and He in practicing Tai ji? In the processes of the extremity, the trunk and the body in moving, what would Kai and He be and mean? They would mean the connections between the different boxing movements. Bes¡ê-ides, if the process of Kai and He of one's body movements related to the Chinese Kung-fu continuously is connected with every player, or with someone (only in practicing) but not with others (in extremity practicing or setting-up keeping their heath exercises) else?
    We should know that Kai and He of one's body indicated by Hao Zhenduo actually requires everyone to comprehend the meaning of Kai and He experienced only by himself in following the process of the practices of the Quan.
    The explanations for Tai Ji "Kai He" or Qi (starting), Cheng (following), Zhuan (turning) and He (closing) inherited from our grand old men would be precious for all of us. The point is how to understand them or undertake doing them. Everybody's Kai and He might not be the same as the masters mentioned before. It is very important for us to get the real meaning of Tai Ji Kai and He. According to the situation we have known, what the Tai Ji players comprehend the meanings issued in some books written by some Tai Ji masters or in a number of words they left have been somewhat different, how the players do are also various.
(Indicated by Cao Meng)


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