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Feng Shaoqing¡¯s Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan in Zhaoqing PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 04 June 2007

Feng Shaoqing’s Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan in Zhaoqing
    1. The characteristics of Feng Shaoqing's Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan
     (1) Rapidness, accurateness, and powerfulness, are three principles of Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan.
     (2) Avoiding heavy attacks made by your rival and taking advantage of his failings fighting back cleverly.
     (3) Avoiding three things: Avoiding having an insatiable desire for the amount, avoiding being negligent and deflective, avoiding being disengaged and desultory.
     (4) Three actions with rapidness: Keeping your eyes moving and hands acting rapidly. Stepping your feet quickly
     (5) Keeping your four movements in breaking down, blocking, forcing, and striking combined together in one. A saying goes that it's easy to hit someone but hard to let him go while even harder to control him. Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan requires a practitioner to pay special attention to this skill. That is the joining in blocking and forcing.
     (6) Combining your internal and external mining and paying more attention to Ba Fa (eight methods). The internal training includes Jing (vigor), Qi (interior strength and breathing) and Shen (spirit), while the external, muscles, bones and skin. Ba Fa includes the methods of moving your hands, eyes, body, steps, spirit, breathing, strength and force.
     (7) Forming your movements slowly, but striking fast and fighting cleverly.
    2. The requirements and methods of Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan.
     (1) When you study Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan , above all, the master will let you relax your muscles, and practice every movement and skill repeatedly, slowly and freely. You can exert your power cooperatively and expedite your practicing process gradually after you have practiced the Quan well.
     (2) Keeping your body moved like the wind blowing and cloud changing. You might strike your opponent without your hands. Noticing your opponent’s attacking and making use of his strength to make him hard to escape. Although you make him exposed a lot, you can conquer him by striking him on one point on his body only. You can control his stronger body and his bigger circles with your relatively weaker body and your smaller ones and, strike him effectively without applying any corporeal movement of Kung-fu.
     (3) Advanced Kung-fu doesn’t require practitioners to use their hands. People with general-level Kung-fu skills normally fight with their fists, while the ones applying low-level Kung-fu only rely on their physical strength. The advanced Kung-fu emphasizes that one should fight without applying any fixed movements or some sets of Kung-fu but jointing his striking and melting the coming hitting successively and skillfully. Practitioners applying general-level Kung-fu fight with their every movement clearly going seesaw between themselves and their rivals respectively to and fro. The low-level Kung-fu has nothing to do with fighting skills but only relies on physical strength. Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan emphasizes the way with advanced Kung-fu that one can conquer his opponent by striking only once without any parrying his attacking or any defending himself.
     (4) If you only know how to defense but not to attack, you would fail and lose your dignity and portliness while you fight your opponent. In case you know how to attack merely, your opponent will attack you efficiently in your neglect. If you know both attacking and defensing well, you can hit him and make him failed at once without any possibility of his escaping from your attacking.
     (5) Here are some methods of your exerting power. One’s power is the soul of his Kung-fu. There are many kinds of power and many methods of exerting power.
     For example, (1) Exerting your power as if you are touching the blaze and surge like the hot water being poured down over the snow. (2) Blasting your power suddenly and surprisingly like a golden lion shakes his mane or a jackdaw wobbles his body to throw off the rainwater on his fur. (3) Making the five parts of your body exerting your power simultaneously as a whole strength in one. (4) Storing your strength like opening a bow, while exerting your power like shooting an arrow. (5) Your boxing with your fists seems like fake while your Kung-fu is tree. You only need a little space to exert the whole strength. As Quan Pu (the boxing manual) says, the strength exerted by your upper body must be sent from the lower and middle parts of your body. The relationship among the three parts is like the one among the root, the mink and the leaves of a tree. (6) Sending out a attack like shooting an arrow, while withdrawing your fist like the fire bums it. (7) Exerting your power and giving out a cry. Your crying is useful because it helps your intention and your breathing cooperated with each other, ff your vigor is strengthened by your crying and your strength is enhanced by your vigor, you can overran all the fortifications made by your rival in any fighting. (8) You must be able to apply the fighting methods freely above all, and properly use your hands and feet together to fight. Your hitting should be like a cannon bombarding or a dragon shaking its body. You should fight your rival splendidly as if you are being burned by fire. (9) Exerting your force with the tips of your fists or feet.
Practitioners beginning to practice the Quan have to intently practice it. After roughly three years' practices, if they can apply the Kung-fu naturally and hurt their opponents without much effort, they will be supposed to be successful in learning this kind of Kung-fu.
The main method of Ban Zhong Wing Chun Quan in your minding could be summarized as the following sentences. Keeping the coming and letting the leaving go. You should pay special attention to hitting in your opponent's negligence and strike heavily. Notice every detail in fighting. Lower your style in bridge and exert power with the tips of your fingers. These sentences indicate the methods of Ban Zhong Wing Chun Ouan Practitioners can create many ways in fighting skillfully by combining these methods.



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