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Monday, 04 June 2007
    Chui GuangYuan’s Cai Li Fo Quan
    Master Cui Guangyuan's passion for Chinese Kung-fu was half from his known responsibility for inheriting the quintessence of Kung-fu whatever the elder's had achieved. When he was young, he loved the fine arts very much. He had learned painting and designing then. Afterwards, he quitted learning painting in order to inherit Cai Li Fo (Cai school, the Li and the Buddha) Quan (boxing) from master Cui Zhang. He had been studying Chinese Kung-fu with all his heart.
     Cui Guangyuan wasn't a tall, strong and powerful man. He did not have got any brawny arms and stout body but actually be able to send out violent forces with his fists striking his rival. He had undergone a typical succession process in practicing traditional kung-fu. He had learned basic skills at the very beginning, then practiced Kung-fu with his hands and fists and studied the applications of various kinds of weapons. He had also practiced some sets of the Quan and methods for how to attack and defend. Cui had been researching and practicing Kung-fu for many years.
Cui had some special advantages in learning Kung-fu. His father named Cui Zhang was a renowned Cai Li Fo Quan master in Guangdong and Hong Kong in those years. Under the instructions of Cui Zhang, encouraged by his resolve in developing Chinese traditional Kung-fu of Cai Li Fo Quan inherited from his father, he had mastered the essentials of the Quan quickly and promoted the Quan effectively with facility then.
    Although Master Cui has been in his seventies now, he is still energetic and full of powerful strength in playing Kung-fu. His solid base on Kung-fu has been entirely performed in showing his Quan methods and Zhuang Shu (stance skill) practicing processes.
     Gua (Hanging), Shao (taking along something to your rival) and Cha (inserting) are three kinds of attacking skills often used in playing Cai Li Fo Quan. Practicing his hand skills and kicking methods, a Quan player used to take advantage of a wooden stake for him to step up. The wooden stakes applied in Cai Li Fo Quan and Wing Chun Quan are not the same, their Zhuang Fa (methods in stepping on between the stakes) are also different. The Zhuang Fa of Cai Li Fo Quan include twelve attacking skills, Ge Shou (cutting hands), Chuan Shou (crossing hands), Lu Qiao(rolling bridge) and so on. The differences between the stake methods of Cai Li Fo Quan applies keeping one stepping away from the stakes but not approaching them. One should keep a certain distance from the stakes and practice Cha, Shao, Gua Chui (hanging and hammering) and other skills with his strong attacking intention.
     Cui said that one needs to practice Cai Li Fo Quan skillfully and apply the Quan in agility. Practicing one's strength and stepping up and down, he should move on in a large-scale drastically and send all out his power. Although it seems dangerous to fight this way, one could do so followed by his Hou Shou (the following movement) and attack on either his left or the fight. Cai Li Fo Quan emphasizes some strong execution practiced by a player day by day for ages in forming him a habit.


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