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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

      Chinese Gongfu is a very important and unique form of Chinese  culture. It can be viewed as both a popular and a classical art: today it is very common and widespread; on the other hand, it has had a very long developed history. Not only did it not decline and disappear as many other facets of pre-modern Chinese culture, it even seems to be gaining much recognition, both in its actual practice and in its relative literature, thetics, philosophy, psychology, etc. are more and more intriguing.

    Image  Chinese Gongfu possesses an important and extensive  cross-cultural significance. Western culture has, of course, a great influence on the path of Chinese modernization.

     Image Meanwhile Chinese culture is also making an impact on Western  culture; the popularity of Chinese Gongfu, including Taijiquan, Qigong, etc., is not limited to China but has  become a worldwide phenomenon; it thus is a typical example of  this reverse impact. As it includes different aspects such as fighting exercise and health care, daily life and academic study, natural state and social scope, research on Gongfu could shed a wholly new light on these interrelated phenomena in an intercultural context.

     Image I think that, if the research sets out from aesthetics perspective, people can more easily comprehend the characters  of the popularity and fashion of Gongfu as "art"; and if  Gongfu research starts with the aesthetic method, namely "perceptually comprehensive method", the profoundness namely multi-gradation and multi-orientation of its intercultural significance can be explained in a orrespondingly simply way;  thus the research on Gongfu will more effectively oppose the "cultural centered views", so as to raise a new subject and  even open up a new path for modern international academia.

     Image 1.Beauty of form of Wushu and Chinese Art Many westerners find the action and routines of Chinese Wushu (Martial Art) to be quite spectacular, but also ask if a real  Gongfu fight would look so impressive. This really involves a  very interesting problem: Chinese Gongfu has not only   practical goals, but also embodies the pursuit and  appreciation of beauty.

     Image 2.Beauty of mood of Qigong and the wisdom of Taoist School and   Chan sect Chinese Gongfu includes both Wushu and Qigong. In fact, the
higher level of most of Wushu (martial arts) is Qigong. Qigong  exercise has created aesthetic miracles of life and culture,   which modern sports cannot hope to reach.  3. Being beauty of Gongfu and Tao-ontological aesthetics Gongfu-aesthetics studies both the outside beauty of form and the inner beauty of spirit. Moreover, it may involve ontology (being philosophy) of beauty of life.


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