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The Sport of Wushu PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 11 December 2007
      Wushu originated from China. It has a long history. a rich content and a wide variety of forms. Over a long period of time. it was developed and shaped through a constant struggle of man against nature as well as against his enemies on ancient battlefields. Today Wushu has an athletic value and helps to build the body. It still has. however. a strong relationship with traditional oriental culture. Wushu is popular among people with different cultural backgrounds and it can help to strengthen the morality and character of youngsters.
      Wushu Taolu exercises consist of technical movements from various styles. These movements are based on principles of attack and defense. as well as on philosophical concepts. Moreover. they bring pleasure to people as they enable them to grow physically as well as mentally. In recent years. the sport of Wushu has gradually been combined with aspects of western sports competition. which has turned it into a modern international sports.


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