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Tuesday, 11 December 2007
      The sport of Wushu includes two major disciplines: namely Taolu and Sanshou. Wushu Taolu can be divided into barehanded exercises. apparatus practice. prearranged fights and group exercises.
Barehanded exercises include styles such as Changquan (long-range boxing). Nanquan (southern-style boxing). Taijiquan (Taiji Boxing). Xinyiquan (Form and will boxing). Baguazhang (Eight diagram boxing). Tongbeiquan (Through the back boxing). Ditangquan (Ground boxing) and so on. Among other things. apparatus practice makes use of broadsword. straight sword. staff. spear. double broadsword. double straight sword. nine section whip. and three section staff. Prearranged fights involve two or three persons and are divided into barehanded and weapon fights. Group exercises consist of movements and combinations done by several persons. These different Taolu exercises are all characterized by the use of various attacking and defensive movements. which are performed with grace. rhythm and spirit.
      Events of world Wushu Championships
According to the progress of World Wushu Championships (WWC) in recent 20 years. 31 events were set in WWC which are distinguishable. athletic Characteristic. easy for objectively judging.
Wushu Taolu (20 Events for Men and Women):
Men: Changquan. Nanquan. Taijiquan. Daoshu (Broadsword play). Jianshu (Sword play). Nandao (Southern Broadsword play). Taijijian (Taiji Sword play). Qiangshu (Spear play). Gunshu (Cudgel play). Nangun (Southern Cudgel play).
Women: Changquan. Nanquan. Taijiquan. Daoshu (Broadsword play). Jianshu (Sword play). Nandao (Southern Broadsword play). Taijijian (Taiji Sword play). Qiangshu (Spear play). Gunshu (Cudgel play). Nangun (Southern Cudgel play).
Wushu Sanshou (11 categories for men):
      Wushu events recommended by the International Wushu Federation to the International Olympic Committee.
The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) concerns the development of the Olympic sports. also fully understands all rules of International Olympic Committee (IOC). According to the relevant rules of setting events in the International Olympic Committee Charter "only sports widely practiced by men in at least seventy-five countries and on four continents. and by women in at least forty countries and on three continents. may be included in the program of the Games of the Olympiad." "Events must have been included at least twice in world or continental championships." And the requirement of equilibria development between men and women that IOC sets while admitting a new sport as an Olympic event. at the case of Events selecting. IWUF took into account of technical difficulty. style. physiological characteristic of Wushu and its developing condition in all continents. recommends 8 Wushu Taolu events by scientific discussed which meet the IOC request from the WWC 31 Wushu Taolu events. However. due to no any events for women at Sanshou on WWC or continental championships. Sanshou is temporarily not recommended. The 8 Wushu Taolu events are the following:
Men: Changquan. Nanquan. Daoshu. Gunshu.
Women: Changquan. Taijiquan. Jianshu. Qiangshu.


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