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Chinese Martial Arts PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

        Martial Arts or Wushu. have been created and developed for self-defense and survival throughout human history.  Correct Chinese Wushu training improves physical ability. health and willpower.  It gives an individual an excellent method of exercise. a personal art form. a competitive sport and a basis for self-defense and sparring.  Total martial training includes Ti (kicking). Da (punching). Shuai (throwing). Na (controlling). Gi (hitting). Ci (thrusting). etc. Related to each style are basic forms. or sequences. which may involve defense strategies. offense. retreat. mobility and immobility. speed and slowness. hard or soft postures. emptiness and fullness. with or without weapons. 

        Wushu (literally. ``martial methods``) was historically termed ``Wu-Yi`` or martial arts.  Fairly recently. the Chinese government changed the term to ``Guoshu.`` or ``national method``.  The term most popular in North America is ``Kung-fu`` which actually means one`s ability in any skill. not necessarily martial.


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