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Monday, 04 June 2007
    Chin Woo Wu Hu Spear I
    Wu Hu Qiang(five tiger spear), also goes by the alias Wu Hu ( five tiger) Zui Hun (fiercely attacking and pursuing your rival's pneuma) Qiang, is one of the skilled spears trained and practiced in Jing Wu (Kung-fu in a purity) Ti Yu Hui (sports institute). It was founded by a famous Kung-fu master named Zhao Zhilian from Cangzhou (a city located in Hebei Province, China). Its name reflects the specialty that you will make your spear stabbing your opponent like five tigers pouncing on him in a snap pressing and making him and others quite scared in feeling his own pneuma extremely being pursued by your spear instantaneously. Your spear, whenever attacking or
defending, wherever stabbing forward or backward, whether moving upward or downward, will be taken and stuck through the midline of your rival as a dominant stress blocking his throat with every thrust.
    The spear you hold has only one sharp lanceolated cusp. Its peculiarity is that you need to brandish the spear up and down freely in practicing. You should be moving dexterous in action and swift in every stretching and recoiling, thus you may master all the skills in long distance attacking and quick hitting. As the saying in Martial Arts field says that "stretching the spear in a beeline for each swift movement forward and backward never being seen and caught by others”, you should practice and get the skills in clipping spear Kung-fu as your tactics or even your As to many spear skills, we mainly take and emphasize Zhong(middle) Ping(level) Qiang(spear) stretching towards straightly making a beeline for the middle part of opponent's body with a dominant stress. The sharp lanceolated cusp and another tip of your spear should be kept in a beeline for the target on your opponent's body wherever. The moving routine of the spear is matched to the principle of the transformation of Yin (indicating any feminine or negative part in nature) and Yang (the masculine or positive parts). All your movements with your spear should also be coordinate with the actions of your body moving forward or backward, upward or downward, and dodging any attacking made by your opponent. The skills of your spear are emphasized blocking tightly and splitting fiercely. Beng (bursting) Na (seizing) Gou (hooking) Ti (lifting),Ban (removing) Lan (stopping) Pu (catching) Za (pricking), Tiao (picking) Dian (pointing) Feng (blocking) and Ya (pressing) are the twelve essential points of the spear skills. These spear skills have been contributed to a perfect integrity and, placed in the ten basic series of Martial Arts managed by Jing Wu Sports Institute. People practicing these spear skills well and proficiently will have got a great progress gradually strengthening their arms, waist and legs. It will benefit some new learners surely.
     I would like to introduce the Wu Hu Qiang practiced by the former general instructor Mr. Xie Shengren(1939--2000 ) from Jing Wu Sports Institute in Singapore as follows.
Chia Shue Foy, also named Shuhui, was borned in 1939 and died in 2000. He jointed the Chin Woo Sports Institute in Singapore in the early 1952 and began to study all kinds of Kung-fu in the institute, then he followed Sir Wei Yuanfeng to learn Kung-fu. From then on, he devoted himself to the Chin Woo Sports Institute in Singapore and brought up numerous talented people mastering Chinese traditional Kung-fu.


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