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Shaolin Wugong Book Series Volume 1 Contents PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Volume One -  Pending Title:

1.Shaolin History

a)Shaolin  Origination

b)Shaolin Chan

b1)Buddhism Extensive reference

b2)Shaolin and Buddhism 

b3)Differentiation of Shaolin Chan and all known Chan/Zen Theories

c)Shaolin Core Principles

d)Creation of Shaolin Temple

e)Shaolin Genealogical line

f)Shaolin Evolution through the pass of time

g)History of Fujian Shaolin Temple

h)Shaolin and Wudang

i)Shaolin and Emei Mountain

2.Poems dedicated to praise Shaolin Way and offer greater realisation in the field of comprehending the roots of Shaolin Culture

3.Achievements of Shaolin Temple

4.Detailed Shaolin Temple landscape Sites reference

5.Historical reference of Shaolin Monks overseas journeys

6.Core Principles of Shaolin Martial Arts

7.Qi Thorough Explanation

a)Extensive Qi Theory and Terminology

b)Autonomous and Manual Interaction examples reference

8.Core Principles of Shaolin Internal Arts

9.Core Principles of Shaolin External Arts

10.Complete presentation and categorization of Shaolin Shongsan and Fujian Temples hand Forms

11.Complete reference and categorization of Shaolin Stances

12.Chan Meditation Principles and Techniques 

12.Fundamental Qi Exercising Meditations

13.Elementary Shaolin Fist Frms

13.1)Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Form - All nine sets

13.2)Shaolin  18 Lohan Protecting Mountain Zi Men  Hands Form

13.3)Shaolin Ten Spring Kicks Form

13.4)Shaolin Eight Steps Chain Kicks Form

13.5)Shaolin Mind Form

13.6)Shaolin Xiao Hong Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.7)Shaolin Da Hong Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.8)Shaolin Mind Fist Form(First and Second Forms)

13.9)Shaolin Small Tong Bei Fist Form

13.10)Shaolin Big Tong Bei Fist Form

13.11)Shaolin Facing the Sun Fist Form


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