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Fu Ru Heng Nu, Qi Ru Fa Ji----Summary of Shao Lin Kung-fu Jin Fa PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007
Fu Ru Heng Nu, Qi Ru Fa Ji----Summary of Shao Lin Kung-fu Jin Fa
    It reads in Quan scripture that without smelting and refinement, iron can't become steel and, without practice, force would never be strength. Jin Fa (the method of practicing strength) in traditional Kung-fu is divided into external strength, internal strength and converted strength. The different kinds of strength exerted respectively depend on the actual level of the Kung-fu practitioner while a great master normally adopts internal strength or converted strength, in most cases, to override his opponent. There is an integral system guiding the practices and applications of Jin Fa in traditional Shao Lin Kung-fu with the balance of Yin and Yang as well as the transition between hardness and softness as its essence. A good description of strength "Fu Ku Heng Nu, Qi Ru Fa Ji" means motive preparation should be held as a crossbow being ready to shoot; sending out your strength should be as sudden as firing.
    The practice of Gong Fa in Shao Lin Kung-fu is attached with great importance in its Jin Fa exercising process. Through the process, you will soften your body then apply your softness to tackle with strength and burst with a tremendous destructive power. It is called internal strength in Chinese Kung-fu. It is initiated from your heart, arisen from your feet and transmitted by your legs, with its center at your waist and reaching to your hands. Six joints in your body (shoulder and crotch, elbow and knee, wrist and ankle respectively) should be kept correspondingly in practicing. Your internal strength and the external movements have to be in accordance. Prepare your force like a bent crossbow ready to shoot, with your heart and mind interlocked; exert all your strength as a whole in a flash. Practicing different Gong Fa in Shao Lin Kung-fu, you could practice various kinds of strength with your hands, elbows, arms, shoulders, waist, crotch, knees, legs and feet, in a word, any or all parts of your body.
     In real combat, you have to apply the strength of Shao Lin Kung-fu changeable with the attacking or protection taken by your opponent. The coordination of your footwork would be noticed foremost. You should step forward or backward right, pay attention to the distances and angles of the footwork of you two. Compel your opponent's step got wrong within a very close distance. Attack by your bent knee, stepping forward using the front-side, inner-side, and outer-side of your knee to break his balance. The last and the most important point is to send out your strength by circumvolving your waist and crotch with complete volution. The movements of Xiang Long Zhang (conquering dragon palming) and Ye Ma Zhang (iron horse palming) in the routine of Jin Gang Ba Shi are provided as demonstration for your reference.
   I. The movement of Xiang Long Zhang
While your opponent intends to attack you with his straight-forward fist, have your body lowering downward sideways quickly, step forward and get into his oxter. Twist your waist, turn you body and hit at his chest with the movement of Xiang Long Zhang resulting in hurting him innerly.
    When your are advancing, have yourself as flexible as a swift girl and send out your strength as suddenly as a shooting crossbow
   II. The movement of Ye Ma Zhang
    When your opponent attacks you with his side foot-kicking, judge his movement by his shoulder moving, and revolve your body swiftly advancing to his side back. Have your well preparation in summoning all of your strength, exert strength by circumvolving your waist and throw your opponent off .
    The movements of revolving your body and advancing sideways set the base for summoning all your strength. Exert your swiveling strength in a round to beat your opponent. It requires sufficient conditions to exert your strength efficiently. Its application always depends on your opponent's actions in real combat.


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